Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the ElementFree45 Whole Home Water System important to your family's health?

It is a purification system that removes up to 99% of all contamination, biologicals, chemicals, metals, etc, at every faucet in your home. This purification process returns the water to a pure state, which is a neutral pH. This is important because we inhale and absorb chemicals in the shower or bath at a much greater rate than we do through drinking. Pure water throughout the home is baseline to foundational health and maximizes the effect of all supplementation we take.

What is the difference between ElementFree45 and "Countertop" or "Under the Counter" units?

ElementFree45 is a "Point of Entry" system, meaning it is for the entire home, including every faucet and shower head both inside and outside the home. It is installed at the point your water source enters the house/condo/townhouse/office/place of business. A counter top unit is a "point of use" system and only affects the water at that faucet where the unit is installed.

I already have a "point of use" unit (i.e. Regency, Jupiter), do I still need ElementFree45?

In no way does a "point of use" system eliminate the need for a whole home system. Most point of use systems only affect color, taste and odors. Those that are designed to raise the pH of water will be MUCH more effective if they start with the clean, pure water that our whole home system provides at every faucet. ElementFree45 will enhance the performance of all "point of use" systems.

Can I use ElementFree45 for my well water?

Yes, as long as there is annual testing to determine your water is safe and potable (safe to drink). Because water conditions change, we also recommend simple chlorine pretreatment, similar to the floaters used in swimming pools, or another method that meets your well configuration. ElementFree45 will then remove the chlorine and other contaminants bringing the water back to a pure state.

How is ElementFree45 installed if I have well water?

ElementFree45 would be installed in the usual manner. ElementFree45 would be the last process before the water moves throughout your home. Your plumber will guide you with this process.

How can I get more technical information about ElementFree45 regarding specifications and comparisons regarding price and effectiveness?

Please look at the warranty and installations instructions and pricing on the website will give you all the information you need in regard to specifications and filtration media used.

Where is the system installed?

Your plumber will install the system on the main in-line water feed to your home after the pressure regulator (if you have one) and prior to the hot water heater. It is most commonly installed in the garage or basement. The system must be installed with enough clearance to change the filters - 6 inches minimum clearance from the ground.

Are filters included when I purchase the ElementFree45 System?

Yes, they are

When do I change the filters?

Under normal circumstances with municipally treated water, filters should be replaced annually and will be available through In certain circumstances, such as some well waters where there is an exorbitant amount of sediment, pre-filters can be changed more frequently for maximum performance.

Does the system need to be backwashed regularly?

No, there is no backwashing necessary. Typically, only units that utilize loose filtration media need to be backwashed on a regular basis. The ElementFree45 unit is self contained and only the filters need to be replaced (approx. once annually).

Does the system come with a warranty?

Yes, the system is covered under a one year warranty, if installed by licensed plumber or contractor. The owner's warranty card also must be on file at ElementFreeinc. The system should last ten to twenty years without problems once installed correctly.

Can the ElementFree45 system be used for businesses and other commercial buildings?

Yes, however if there is more than one "point of entry" at the business a unit would have to be installed at each point. It is recommended that with installations in which water pressure is over 80psi.